Our Logo - adapted to digital channels

The new logo with white typo on a green background is our primary version. 

Green square and logo is a unit.

The logo was revised and now has a square shape and a significantly larger eagle wing.

Furthermore the DEKRA logo consists of a word (DEKRA) an image element (D) and the green square. This is called our word-image brand.

The three elements (D + DEKRA + green square) form a unit, and​ are used only together.​ It is not permitted to change (distort, change the color,​ scale disproportionately) the logo on your own.​

Primary version

The new logo with white typo on a green square is our primary version.

Green square and logo is a unit.

Exception: horizontal

The horizontal logo is an


It will be used for building branding or for business equipment and business stationery.

Any further use of the horizontal logo requires consultation with us.

Please do not

Please do not use the "D" alone for your communication. Thank you :)

The Logo is Green

The green square with white logo gives visibility, power and strength to the brand. Use the primary logo as often as possible.

Other variants are possible. Please decide which of these variants you will use depending on the application.

The horizontal logo is an exception. It will be used for building
branding or for business equipment. Any further use of the horizontal logo requires consultation with us.

The DEKRA Claim

The DEKRA Claim

"DEKRA  On the safe side" is the central promise of the brand and remains.

However, the claim is no longer linked to the logo.

It has a clear and at the same time restrained sender function and ideally stands diagonally from the logo. 

The visibility of the claim must be guaranteed. For smaller formats, it must be checked whether the claim is still legible.

To use the claim on small formats, for example, it can be used as a single post in social media.

In exceptional cases, the slogan is omitted.​

  1. e.g. in formats smaller than DIN A5,​
  2. when high visibility is required, or​
  3. when the logo is used in a multilingual environment.

The claim "DEKRA  On the safe side." exists in an English language version and is to be used worldwide.

The already existing national slogans retain their validity and can continue to be used. 

Logo Size and Positioning​

The logo size and placement depend on the format of the communication media.

The logo is usually located at the top right of the respective format of the communication media. There should be a clearly visible relationship between the logo, the claim and the images and/or the text.


Examples of use

Logo size

The logo size 100% is 150 x 150 mm

Format Format sizes
in mm
Logo size
in %
Logo size
in mm
DIN A0 841 x 1189 80% 120 x 120
DIN A1 594 x 841 55% 82,5 x 82,5
DIN A3 297 x 420 30% 45 x 45
DIN A4 210 x 297 18% 27 x 27 
DIN A5 148 x 210 15% 22,5 x 22,5 
DIN A6 105 x 148 11% 16,5 x 16,5 
18/1 3560 x 2520 300% 450 x 450
Pop Up 3065 x 2224 250% 375 x 375
Roll Up 850 x 2250 130% 195 x 195
Counter 905 x 795 80% 120 x 120

The Logo’s Protective Space

The protective space is the area that surrounds the logo so that it receives sufficient free space. ​In this way, attentiveness is increased and the logo is not disrupted by other elements.

1 cap height (CH) corresponds to the height of the “D”​ in the mark designation (DEKRA). 

​​Vertical Alignment

Protective space minimum 1 CH​

Recommended Protective space 2 CH or more.

Horizontal Alignment

Protective space 1 CH 

You need the right logo or claim for your application? Click here to download it.