The DEKRA Typography

Like the logo and the color, the lettering is also an important component for recognizing the DEKRA brand.

The headlines in our communication offers a lot of flexibility & variety.
Headlines are always individually designed: a mix of different font sizes, font styles and font colors.

Best Practices

Accents within a headline:

Define at the beginning which words are the core message of the headline.

Never combine more than 3 fonts and font sizes with max. two shades of green (secondary colors: dark green and bright green) + white in a headline.

The copy block is designed in the primary color DEKRA logo green.

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Line Pitch

The line pitch is done according to graphical discretion or optical impression, since the font Futura does not have uniform letter sizes.

Ensure readability

If using typo on images/pictures, please make sure, that the area under the typo in the image is darkened. The use of a drop shadow is also recommended here, to achieve even better readability.

Please not like that - Typo properly applied

DEKRA headlines have 2 font styles or sizes and maximum 3 font styles/sizes. A free flat typeface is preferred.

Bei DEKRA Headlines verwenden wir ausschließlich die FUTURA Plus.
Die DEKRA Grüntöne und Weiß können verwendet werden.

The green tones are used deliberately and not indiscriminately, decoratively.

The DEKRA Typo should not be distorted.

ARIAL font for Online and MS Office Applications ​

Texts are written in the Arial font, which is available on the PC.

Arial is a system font, i.e. it is preinstalled on all computers and can be used regardless of the computer and the browser. Texts are structured by means of size differences. Individual words can be highlighted using bold.​

Note: Please do NOT embed Arial in your web page, please program the page to apply the preferred browser font.

Futura Plus

The Futura Plus from URW covers the Latin area, Greek and Vietnamese.​

For the non-Latin area we recommend the following fonts, as they are very similar to Futura Plus:​


Hiragino Sans

If characters are missing, the following fonts can be deviated to (STEP 2):

  • Chinese (Simplified, PRC, Mandarin): M XiangHe Hei SC Pro
  • Traditional Chinese (Cantonese): M XiangHe Hei TC
  • Japanese: Tazugane


  • STEP 1: Arial
  • STEP 2: Futura PT

Arabic (incl. Urdu + Farsi)

  • STEP 1: ​Arial​
  • STEP 2: New Frutiger Arabic​