Who we are.

We will be the global partner for a safe, secure and sustainable world

We are the leading brand for safety. As a global partner for a safe world, we create safety on the road, at work, and at home.​ Our experts are thought leaders in safety for topics that move the world.​


Global Partner

Brand for Safety​

Establish DEKRA as the LEADING BRAND for safety.​

The brand is the decisive differentiation feature of our​ company and simultaneously the driving force for our growth. Our​ customers must experience the DEKRA brand as distinctive and unique​ at each point they come into contact with it.​


Brand Manual Brand Manual
Brand Manual

The DEKRA Brand Strategy is our Masterplan

  • We pursue a uniform one-brand strategy worldwide​.
  • The brand positioning determines the guidelines for our behavior, our​ appearance and our standards.​
  • An emotive​ presence of our company​ is the central​ differentiation feature among the competition.​
  • The DEKRA brand makes​ a significant ​contribution to increasing ​the company value.​

Attitude and Promise​

The attitude that makes us UNIQUE​.

Our brand platform is based on our attitude with which we deal with​ customers, partners and colleagues, the brand promise that we always aim to be “on the safe side”, and the brand values according to which we live and work.​

Our Attitude

We are the reliable partner for a good feeling in life.​

Our Brand Promise

On the safe side.

Karin Pacci

Management employee, Sao Paulo, Brazil​

"Our mandate is safety and it ​does not end with the performance of the service ​or the end of a working day.​ Safety must be lived, always and everywhere.”

Brand Values

The relevant characteristics that determine our actions.

In order to communicate our vision in a credible and relevant way, we all act on behalf of the brand as convincing brand ambassadors.

Therefore, our brand values are derived directly from our people values. 

Focus Areas

The 5 Focus Areas will help us to improve our existing service portfolio, while at the same time ensuring the development of new services. This will be achieved through the distinct technology & business focus that the Focus Areas provide.

5 Focus Areas

Business & Service Drivers:

  • Future Vehicle & Mobility Services
  • Information & Cyber Security Services
  • Sustainability Services

Technology Enablers:

  • Remote Services
  • Advanced Analytics Services

Expertise in 6 Regions in 60 countries

More Safety​

With the region structure, we are accelerating our global​ growth and our aim to be “the global partner for a​ safe world.” The six regions and the central​ sales organization provide comprehensive customer-specific​ solutions and services.​

Expertise Worldwide

48,646 employees (incl. Service Division Temp Work and Corporate Functions) worldwide​ as of 31 Dec. 2022. 

  • GSA (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) 25,001*
  • Central East Europe & Middle East 7,174*
  • North-West Europe 3,494*
  • South-West Europe​ 7,794*
  • Americas 1,510*
  • APAC​ 3,673*

*as of 31 Dec. 2022

7 Service Divisions

Vehicle Inspection

Performing periodic and non-periodic technical testing, as well as systematic emission tests for all kinds of vehicles.

Claims & Expertise

Delivering automotive and non-automotive claims services, vehicle appraisal and management services as well as loss adjusting for all possible damage.

Digital & Product Solutions

Innovating safety and security by creating the intelligent testing solutions that contribute to making the digitalized and connected world a safer place. We are the experts in testing and certifying products and new digital technologies.

Industrial Inspection

Supplying full service for building, facility, machinery and infrastructure inspection, including material testing & inspection.

Advisory & Training Services

Qualified employees and high-performing companies through competent advisory and training services using modern tools and digital technologies.


Offering independent audits, assessments and management system certifications according to international and national standards.

Temp Work

Supporting know-how and experience in personnel-, solution-, event & logistic and human resources management.

Annual Report Trailer 2023

Partner for Safety

Safety is a fundamental human need. We need it as much aswe need air to breathe.

There is one thing we should never forget:
our highly developed world, safety is far from guaranteed.

Action Areas

DEKRA has been ensuring safety since its establishment in 1925.

We know that accidents can be avoided.​

  • Prevent accidents in order to protect life​
  • Global partnership with all stakeholders
  • Global thought leaders in safety​
  • Because safety pays off​

Technology & Equipment

We support excellence in the design, configuration, operation and maintenance of the technical equipment.

Standards & Practices

We develop and improve standards and practices that support optimal safety performance.

Mindset & Behavior

We foster safety awareness, safety knowledge and safe behavior.